1878 Haydock Wood Pit disasterOur foundation degree in Theatre and Performance students have been commissioned by Haydock Library to produce a commemorative performance to recount the tragedy of the 1878 Haydock Wood Pit disaster for its 140th anniversary.

The students have carried out their own research into the disaster, which occurred in Haydock on 7th June 1878, taking the lives of 204 men and boys. Their production, ‘Weep Mothers Weep’ incorporates deeply moving monologues, music and movement, forms part of the award-winning Cultural Hubs, Arts-in-Libraries programme.

The performance features stories from the Colliery Manager, the local Priest, the Miners themselves, and the wives and mothers of those whose lives were lost. It’s a story of loss and grieving, but ultimately a story of hope as the whole community pulls together to offer support to the families.

An unattributed poem written at the time of the disaster goes:

“Weep Mothers, weep o’er the loss of your dear ones.
The Fathers and Children who are strewn amongst the dead.
The Explosion has fill’d the whole district with sadness.
For homes that are lonely, and hearts that have bled.”

There are three performances on Tuesday 16th January, Haydock Library at 4.00pm, 5.00pm and 6.00pm. A special commemorative service will take place at Haydock Library on the 140th anniversary of the disaster in June.

Tickets are free and can be booked online at www.culturalhubs.eventbrite.co.uk, or call into any St Helens library.