“The A Level Academy was a place where I was able to challenge myself, be independent and explore my capabilities.”


Creative alumna, Ellie, is currently studying English at Edgehill University. She loves to read and write in her spare time and hopes to one day combine this passion with her interest in the literary industry.

Upon completion of her GCSEs at Rainford High Technology College, Ellie took the decision to move away from the comfort of school and explore a whole new environment, where she could make new friends and stand on her own two feet.

Ellie said, “I wanted a fresh start and the chance to step outside of my comfort zone. I knew from the moment I stepped through the doors at St Helens College’s Open Event, that the A Level Academy was a place where I could explore what I am capable of.”

Ellie, whose favourite authors and literary idols are the likes of Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling and Stephen King, chose to study English Language, English Literature and History at the A Level Academy, as she felt that they complemented her creativity, interests in literature and history and more importantly, her enthusiasm to research and explore topics in depth.

As part of her study programme at the A Level Academy, Ellie completed an incredible work experience opportunity with St Edmund's Catholic Primary School, in Skelmersdale, where she adopted a teaching and a classroom assistant role, supporting children with completing tasks related to the subject they were studying, such as English, mathematics or religious studies. From this experience, she was able to “confidently communicate effectively” and “develop time management skills” that would aid her with her own studies.

She was also able to take advantage of a number of trips such as attending an exclusive workshop by English language specialist, Professor David Crystal and watching Shakespeare’s play, Othello, at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

Commenting on her studies, Ellie said, “I really enjoyed being able to participate in class discussions or presentations, as this gave us the opportunity to absorb each other’s ideas and opinions about a particular novel or historical moment in time.”

She added, “I don’t think I would have achieved as much as I have if we were all part of a bigger classroom environment. The smaller class sizes made me feel part of a creative bubble rather than invisible and competing for support from tutors.”

When Ellie was not hard at work, researching and revising for her exams, she held down a part-time job as a Match Day Team Leader for Wigan Athletic and BD Stadia. In this role, she had the important responsibility of managing a small sales team, to encourage sales at football matches. She attributes this experience to “boosting her communication and leadership skills.”

Ellie believes that her achievements would not have been attainable without the support from her tutors, she said, “They are an inspiration! They have inspired me and many other students to see our capabilities of succeeding and going to university and not letting anything stand in our way. I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

Now that she has settled into university life at Edgehill University, exploring a subject that she truly loves, Ellie hopes to one day enter the literary industry which could see her working for a popular publishing house or as part of a team of screenwriters.

A levels in English Language, English Literature and History

English at Edge Hill University

Joined us from
Rainford High Technology College