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First-year Level 3 Games, Animation and VFX student Gabriel Callaghan is making his mark in the animation industry after recently showcasing his skills in the 'Move Your Elf Competition,' a competition organized by Nextgen and multi-BAFTA winning animation studio, Blue Zoo. The event, an optional challenge for enthusiasts in animation, was held in December with participants being tasked with creating an animated looping video using Blue Zoo's Elf 3D model, with the flexibility to use either Maya or Blender for their submissions.

Among the many submissions, Gabriel's work stood out for its creativity and execution, earning him the winner's title for this year's competition. Blue Zoo commented on his work, saying:

Very impressive work .This was the most finished looking video we saw, every part of it is polished and it’s a great take on a popular setting at the moment.

Gabriel credited his success to his flexibility and adaptability, which he has honed through various animation challenges, saying:

Challenges like this have been an integral part of my animation journey. Experimenting with different styles initially, I found my way to a distinctive style that seamlessly fits my workflow. Adaptability became crucial when I had to match the style of another animator on a collaborative series.

Gabriel aspires to work in movie animation, particularly in sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy genres and remains dedicated to expanding his skills and contributing his unique perspectives to the captivating world of animated storytelling with opportunities like this.

More about Gabriel's background and portfolio can be found on his ArtStation profile, showcasing the promising future he holds in the animation industry.

Check out Gabriel's winning 'Move Your Elf' entry.