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In a unique initiative, Bauer Media, in collaboration with The England Illegal Money Lending Team, recently invited our Level 3 Creative Media and Media Production Foundation Degree students to their 'Creation Station' event at the Radio City Tower.

The day was packed with engaging activities aimed at enhancing students' understanding of radio's crucial role in social messaging.

The event began with a detailed tour of the radio station and tower, followed by an informative presentation on the complexities of commercial radio broadcasting in the UK. The highlight of the day was an interactive workshop where the students learned about the effectiveness and creation of radio commercials.

Cath Wohlers, LIAISE Manager for The England Money Lending Team, challenged the students to conceptualise and produce a 40-second radio commercial promoting the benefits of credit unions in times of financial need.

Guided by Bauer Media's creative professionals, Bruno and Charlie, the students, divided into three groups, each created and recorded their own commercial. These segments showcased their growing skills and creativity in conveying compelling radio messages.

The day offered valuable practical application of their coursework, providing a unique opportunity to see their work in a professional setting and the chance for their commercial to be aired on Hits Radio Liverpool.

Laura White, Senior Branded Content Manager at Hits Radio, later expressed her excitement, saying: “I am thrilled to say that the credit unions loved all three pieces of audio and chose to use them all as part of their campaign. The ads are now live on Hits Radio Liverpool and will be playing out across the station for the next two weeks!”

This broadcast debut marks an exciting step for our aspiring media professionals.

Listen to their work below!