Our A Level Academy encourages individuality, independent thinking and maturity and is a place for students to thrive and master their chosen subjects, which is evident by our impressive 100% overall pass rate!

To enable you to achieve your aspirations, we provide two comprehensive routes to university or a higher apprenticeship and ultimately, your dream career.

The first route allows you to choose three A levels from an impressive range of subjects and the second route blends A levels and vocational qualifications, with our unique and exclusive Professional Skills Programmes.

We understand how important it is to have support and guidance from our tutors to help you stay on track with your studies. We make sure our class sizes are small and the support is tailored and focussed to meet your individual needs.

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Why choose our A Level Academy?

Success Rates

Our A level results top national average with 100% overall A level pass rate.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from small class sizes, focussed support and experienced tutors.

Excellent Progression

A level progression routes can lead to university, a higher apprenticeship or employment.

Tailored Packages

Study three A levels or choose a Professional Skills Programme to help you prepare for your future.

Future Career

Studying A levels keeps your options open if you aren’t sure what future career you want.

Competitive Edge

Studying A levels demonstrates that you are capable of thinking at an advanced level.