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If you are looking to start your own business or develop valuable skills and knowledge that can be transferred to a wide range of careers, a business qualification can help you get started. 

At St Helens College, you’ll be learning how businesses are created, how they grow and how they become successful.

You will explore everything from project management, marketing and accounting to organisational structures, external influences and the impact of commerce on the wider society.

You will benefit

Our professional lecturers and tutors have extensive experience in commercial industries so that you can rest assured in knowing that you're learning from the very best. 

Our previous students have had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Disneyland Paris, exploring what it takes to successfully run a global enterprise and have also gained first-hand insight from leading business professionals in the industry. 

You will succeed

A business qualification is adaptable across a wide range of sectors and industries, leading to exciting opportunities within logistics, sales, marketing, management, retail, customer service and much more.

You will stand out

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive world, understanding business has become a crucial survival kit for the 21st-century student. Business is one of the most adaptable subjects and can lead to self-employment, holding a high-level managerial position or even working overseas.

We also offer degree level business and management qualifications at University Centre St Helens. Located within the original headquarters of the international pharmaceutical company, The Beecham Group, University Centre St Helens provides the perfect backdrop for gaining the academic knowledge needed to progress in your career.

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A qualification in business could lead to your dream career:

Supply Chain Manager - £20k - £50k+, Business Development Manager - £25k - £60k+, Head of Purchasing - £25k - £40k+, Marketing Manager - £25k - £55k+, Human Resources Officer - £15k - £35k+, Chartered Accountant - £25k - £80k+, *Salary data collected from various sources, July 2022
*Salary data collected from various sources, July 2022.