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At St Helens College, we help young adults with impairments and learning challenges get ready for adulthood. We collaborate with our students to help them get ready for their next steps towards a fulfilling adult life.

Everything we do is focused on our students. Our young people benefit from a customised, comprehensive, and balanced curriculum with worthwhile learning opportunities that concentrate on adulthood preparation and progress in fulfilling each person's EHCP goals. Our curriculum explicitly emphasises communication skills, confidence, and wellbeing. It also includes community engagement, the growth of friendships, and support for good health. It also helps our students build fundamental literacy and numeracy skills for adult life.

Supported Learning Intent Statements – Why do students choose to come to St Helens College?

  1. All students will experience a broad and balanced curriculum that will support them in preparing for adulthood
  2. All students will follow a personalised programme made up of component parts which support their individual development and EHCP outcomes.
  3. All students will follow a pathway that is matched to support their future goals – Life Skill or Work Skills.


This pathway provides students with and EHCP the support and knowledge needed to gain insight into employment and to enter paid employment, through the development of employability and independent living skills and employment opportunities. Students will participate in an extended work placement with the support of a Job Coach, mock interviews, industry visits and skills sector demonstrations. They will develop the practical and social skills needed to enter the workplace through support of a Job Coach with the end goal of achieving paid employment after the Internship. Students will follow a personalised programme of study to support their EHCP outcomes and their end goals.

Key Objectives:

  • Students to enhance their employability skills through practical work-related learning and extended work experience
  • Students to show work-based competencies through systematic instruction within their chosen career sector
  • To receive support with independent living challenges that will support them in their transition out of education and into work

How to apply?

For more information or to apply, please get in touch with the team

Supported Internship Co-Ordinator
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.