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Wedding Price List

Bridal Bouquet

Modern Shower Style Bouquet from £80.00
Traditional Shower Bouquet from £80.00
Hand-Tied Bouquet - Mixed Flowers from £60.00
Hand-Tied Bouquet - All Roses from £80.00
Designer Bouquet, Something Different from £85.00
Hand-Tied Sheaf Zantedeschia (Calla) from £80.00

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Bridesmaid Shower Traditional Bouquet from £55.00
Bridesmaid Shower Modern Bouquet from £65.00
Bridesmaid Hand-Tied - Designs Mixed from £45.00
Bridesmaid Hand-Tied - All Roses from £50.00
Small Bridesmaid Hand-Tied (Child) from £30.00
Wired Baskette from £25.00
Head Dress Designs - Modern Touch from £25.00
Head Dress Designs - Traditional from £30.00


Grooms Buttonhole (Special) from £5.00
Bestmen Buttonhole from £5.00
Carnation Buttonholes (Gents) from £1.50
Carnation Buttonholes (Ladies) from £2.00
Ladies Special Buttonholes from £5.00
Corsages (Ladies) from £8.00
Corsage (Ladies) Rose from £8.00
Corsage Freesia from £15.00
Orchid Corsage from £15.00
Mother of the Bride Corsage (Special) from £15.00

Reception Table Center’s

Vase Arrangements from £30.00
Top Table Arrangements from £60.00
Round Table Designs from £20.00
Ring Table Centers from £30.00
Designer Table Arrangements from £40.00

Church Arrangements

Pedestals from £100.00
Pew Ends - Traditional from £25.00
Pew Ends - Modern from £30.00
Topiary Trees from £80.00
Garlands (Arch) from £100.00
Bows from £3.00

Thank You Designs

Hand-Tied designs to match wedding theme from £30.00

All the above prices are only a guide due to the prices of fresh flowers and foliages changing through out the year, also dependant on seasonal availability.

If you require an estimated cost of designs then please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal meeting to discuss your requirements.