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Studying for a professional qualification can help you to discover a new career path, allow you to progress in your current career, enhance your CV, or achieve that all-important promotion.

Good managers and the ability to motivate and lead individuals are in constant demand. We offer a range of flexible, professionally accredited management courses for individuals aspiring to become managers or those who already hold a management position but want a formal qualification to back up experience.

Many employers have an allocated budget to invest in the development of their employees. We accept payment directly from employers so it’s worth taking a look at your employer’s policy on support for further/professional qualifications (this is usually available from your HR department). There may be criteria for accessing financial support or time off. 

Chartered Institute of Management (CMI)

Our qualifications are accredited by Chartered Institute of Management (CMI), the only chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications. They are designed for managers, to support the development of their leadership and management skills in personal development, leadership, management resources, information, performance and market awareness.

CMI cite that holding a professional qualification not only leads to additional earnings of £81,000 over a career lifetime for an individual but also makes individuals 9% more employable.