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Picture of our student, AndrewAndrew has 20 years’ experience working in the animal industry, spending most of his career working in zoo conservation. He studied BTEC Science at Wallasey Sixth Form College and went on to achieve an honours degree in Zoology from Liverpool John Moores University.

He has worked for several zoos including ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Chester Zoo and Melbourne Zoo in Australia. His area of expertise was elephants, but he branched out and worked with a variety of ungulate species such as rhinos and giraffes, and even some big cats.

Andrew said: “Working at St Helens College and helping students reach their goals is something I am very proud to do. Hopefully, some of the learners will go on to have long careers in the animal care industry and if I can play a small part in that, then that’s pretty awesome.

“The animal industry is hard to get into but it's well worth it. All the things we teach in lectures and in practical sessions apply to real-world situations. Looking after the rats and goats is the same as looking after elephants and rhino, trust me! So, my advice is to work hard and keep focused on your goals and you’ll do well.”

Andrew added that the highlight of his career so far was seeing his first elephant and rhino baby born. Out of all of the animals we have at the College, he particularly likes the ferrets.